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Mossyfern Easy Breeze from Foxbarton (Willow)

Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman x Hawkesmere Echo
15.05.1997 - 21.03.2012

Willow by willow Willow by willow
Willow by willow Willow by willow
Photo by Sue Domun

Qualified for Crufts 2006

My sweet Willow was bred by my good friend Julia Dickenson. Already booked by someone else when I first saw her as a pup, she nonetheless stole my heart. Four weeks later, Julia got her back again some people just don't know when they've struck gold! Willow came home with me and she really was a treasure! Highly intelligent, instantly obedient and totally devoted what more can a Border Collie be?

Willow had to put up with my learning to show her and run agility, but I'm sure she was smarter than I was and we won and were placed repeatedly in Breed and Agility Competitions, and Willow had the Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen's Award and she qualified for Crufts 2006.

Her finest achievements have to have been her 3 beautiful litters of puppies, by Brooksbid High Society, Sheltysham Shepherd Boy and Foxbarton Royal Lion, JW. I kept Jazz from her first and Bliss from her last, and thanks go to Nicky Juneman, who lived next door to us, and owned Willow's litter sister. Sadly, Nicky lost her beloved Sky on Christmas Eve 2011. My sweet Willow went to join her sister, and my darling Jazz, on 21st March 2012. They can all run free together once more.

Willow was the fount of the whole Foxbarton line and she leaves a fantastic legacy to so many of my owners who adore their Border Collies. She lives on in her descendants and she'll be forever with me, in my heart.

My Sweet Willow My Sweet Willow
My sweet Willow My sweet Willow
Photo by Nicky Junemann

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Pedigree of Mossyfern Easy Breeze from Foxbarton

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman Sh Ch Viber Travelling Matt from Corinlea JW
30 CCs
Sh Ch Cluff of Mobella Kirkfield Kirk
Kirkfield Shell
Sh Ch Sacul Highland Mist from Corinlea Sh Ch Whenway Hope of Corinlea
Mizanne The Tango
Detania Dolly Bird at Sheltysham Sh Ch Lethans Hopeful Flame
BOB Crufts 97
Kirkfield Kirk
Kirkfield Shell
Detania Giglet Sealight Vagabond CDex UDex WDex TD
Detania Louise
Hawkesmere Echo Monkfield Manne Viber Red Baron at Monkfield Tally of Mobella
Viber Gypsy Lace
Firelynx Mocha of Monkfield Aus Ch Firelynx Navajho Storm
Ragelse Theodora
Sheerjoy Secret Date at Hawkesmere Sh Ch Fieldbank Professional Shanvaal Glen
Lady Fleck of Fieldbank
Sheerjoy Rhaiadr Lynn Rhaiadr Zac
Flora 131683
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