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Fizz Best In Show & Bitch CC, BC Club of Wales '09
Fizz's 1st CC - Judge Terry Colwell
National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show 2009 - RCC
Midland Counties Championship Show 2007 ~ Res CC
Fizz: Res Best In Show - South West Essex Dec 08
Wessex BC Club '09: Res Best Bitch In Show
Fizz’s Naughty Nine at 7 Days Old
Pups on Day 23 - Enjoying the garden
My Passport Photo!
Fizz at 2 years
Fizz at 18 months
Fizz among the Daffodils
Fizz modelling for one of my Foxbarton Get Well Cards
Fizz with friends, Copper and Sam-The-Lamb
Tugging with Mummy!
Fizz, Best Puppy & Bliss, Best of Breed
I Can Do Cute!
I Can Do Elegant Too!
Early Football Training! (Fizz Far Left)

Foxbarton Lady Chandon JW ShCM ~ 1CC with BOB, 4RCCs (Fizz)

Sh. Ch. Caristan Moet Chandon JW x Foxbarton Lady In Waiting JW ShCM CDex
D.O.B. 10.4.06 ~ Hips 3:2 ~ KC Stud Book Number 1410CS
Genetically Normal for CEA/CH, CL, TNS & MDR1 ~ Gonioscopy Graded 0 ~ PRA & BAER Hearing Tested Normal

Fizz at 3 Years Fizz at 3 Years Fizz at 3 Years
Fizz at 3 Years Fizz at 3 Years Fizz at 3 Years
Fizz at 3 Years Fizz at 3 Years Fizz at 3 Years

Fizz at 3 Years

Res Best Bitch In Show - Southern BC Club 2011
Res Best In Show - Wessex BC Club 2010

Crufts 2010 - 3rd under Bob Henry
Res Best In Show - Beckenham Canine Society 2010
Challenge Certificate & Best of Breed – BC Club Of Wales Champ Show 2009
Res Challenge Certificate - West of England BC Club Champ Show 2009
Res Challenge Certificate – National W&P Breeds Championship Show 2009
Res Best In Show – S.W.E.C.A. 2009

Crufts 2009 – 2nd under Jean Entwistle
Res Challenge Certificate – Southern Counties Championship Show 2008
Best Of Breed - Boston Championship Show 2008

Res Best Bitch In Show - West of England BC Club Show 2008
Dog Of The Year - West of England BC Club 2007
Top Show Dog – Wessex BC Club 2007

Res Challenge Certificate – Midland Counties Championship Show 2007
Best Bitch In Show – Southern BC Club Show 2007
Crufts 2007 – Res Minor Puppy Bitch
Top Puppy - Midlands BC Club 2006
Qualified for Crufts for life

Holder of the Border Collie Gold Utility Award (for)
Obedience ~ Reliability ~ Agility ~ Nosework ~ Gundog Test ~ Conformation ~ KC Gold Good Citizens Award

Fizz - The Weaves Fizz - The A Frame Fizz jumping

Fizz loves Agility

Fizz just had to stay at Foxbarton - pick of Bliss's 9 lovely pups by Moet, she simply stole my heart. She's a wonderful Collie and she adores her dam, Bliss - they play noisy games of tuggy together when we're trying to watch the TV, but they are much better entertainment!

Fizz's first weekend in the showring, at 6 months, she won 2 Puppy and 2 Junior classes, Reserve Best of Breed and Puppy Group 3. Still only 6 months old, I took her up to Scotland and was delighted John Ritchie gave her 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch and 3rd in both Puppy Bitch and Novice Bitch at the Scottish BC Club Champ Show, qualifying her for both Crufts and Puppy of The Year, 2007.

Within 6 months, Fizz won Best Puppy In Breed at 23 shows; won 2 Pastoral Puppy Groups and 11 Puppy Group places. At 9 months, she came 4th at Crufts, under breed specialist, Judith Gregory. Fizz's dam, my Bliss, also got a 2nd in her class in the afternoon, and her half sister, my Jazz, won her class for the 3rd year in succession.

Fizz's Junior Warrant came at just 13 months of age, when she won Junior Bitch at Bath Championship Show. A very special JW for me, as she's the 3rd generation of Foxbartons I have bred and shown to their JWs. She started 2008 taking Best of Breed at Boston Championship Show. Judge Barbara Walker-Smith said in her critique: ""Post Graduate Bitch, 1st Tiller's Foxbarton Lady Chandon, Bl & W, the star of the day. Lovely bitch in sparkling condition, good head, dark eye, excellent balance length to height, showed and moved well, BOB".

Judge Jane Cresswell awarded Fizz her 1st Reserve Challenge Certificate at Midland Counties Championship Show, 2007, after she'd won both the Yearling Bitch Class and the Post Graduate Bitch Class (125 bitches entered). Her 2nd Reserve CC was awarded after she won the Limit Bitch Class at Southern Counties Championship Show 2008, under Judge Sonya Saxby (106 bitches entered), so Fizz has qualified for Border Collie of The Year for the 2nd year running.

On the same day that Fizz's baby brother, Blaze, won his first Reserve Challenge Certificate, Fizz clocked up her 100th win in the breed ring, taking the Limit Bitch class at the City of Birmingham Championship show. At the end of 2008, Fizz gave me a brilliant day at South West Essex Canine Association Show in December, winning the Open Breed Class, then Best Of Breed, then the Pastoral Group, and finally Reserve Best In Show. What a day!

At Wessex BC Show in May 09, Fizz went Res Best Bitch In Show. Judge Richard Kinsey wrote in his critique: ""Limit Bitch, 1st Tiller's Foxbarton Lady Chandon, very good type, strong yet feminine all through, balanced angulation, correct outline that pleases the eye. Good head, dark eyes and ears set apart and used well. Deep chest and good spring of rib, straight front legs, best of feet, good pasterns. Just coming into her prime, well muscled rear and good turn of stifle, allowing her the easy, ground covering, effortless pace called for. In clean jacket and overall body tone. Res Best Bitch."

Coming back into coat in July 2009, Fizz won Limit Bitch at the East Of England Championship Show, then won it again, the following weekend, at the National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show, this time going on to take her 3rd Reserve Challenge Certificate under Annette Tasker (Goytre), qualifying her for Border Collie Of The Year for the 3rd year in succession.

Then at the BC Club Of Wales Championship Show, judge Terry Colwell (Pastraka) awarded Fizz her 1st Challenge Certificate. And the icing on the cake - she went on to take Best of Breed and Best In Show under Pam Etheridge (Tefryn). Still on a roll, Fizz won her 4th Limit Bitch Class and her 4th Res Challenge Certificate at West of England BC Club Championship Show, under judge Chris Chapman.

Fizz gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies, on 2nd Dec 2012, sired by Aust Ch Sh Ch Danari De Beers. Pick of litter was Zac, Foxbarton Ace Of Diamonds JW, whom I’ve been showing for his owner. (See his page). Back in the ring in January 2011, Fizz went Res Best Bitch In Show at Southern BC Club. But I still didn't have a bitch pup from her, so Fizz had another litter in April 2012, by Sh Ch Janbell Jamieson JW. Pick of litter was a boy pup, and I just couldn't live without him, so kept my lovely Rex, Foxbarton Kings Ransom JW (see his page).

Fizz's 3rd and final litter was sired by Littlethorn Maclaren, a gorgeous Tricolour dog. Fizz's 8 beautiful puppies included a striking Tricolour bitch pup for me. She's called Foxbarton Lady Penelope, better known as Darcy, and she has her own page.

I'm so grateful to all the judges who have thought so highly of Fizz and given her top honours. I'm so proud of her. A joy to show, she's even better to cuddle and she's always first to join me on my recliner chair...... that is, when I get time to sit down!

My beautiful, darling Fizz was taken from me, much too early, just before her 11th Birthday, which broke my heart.  Thank Heaven her legacy lives on in her wonderful offspring, and theirs.  She was my cuddle-collie of all time, and I miss her so.

~ ~ * ~ ~

Pedigree of Foxbarton Lady Chandon JW ShCM

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great-grandparents
Sh Ch Caristan Moet Chandon JW Sh Ch Miraje The Storm Lord Wizaland Loves Casanova Sh Ch Wizaland Newz Edition JW
Sh Ch Image Of Love At Clan-Abby
Loracian Black Velvet NZ Ch & Sh Ch Clan-Abby Blue Aberdoone
Wizaland Newz Maker
Sh Ch Caristan Cointreau Wizaland Newz Speculation At Mobella Aust Ch & NZ Ch Clan-Abby Casanova Too
NZ Ch & Sh Ch Francesca Of Clan-Abby
Caristan Forever Amber Mizanne The Pernod Of Caristan
Detania Emeraulde Of Caristan
Foxbarton Lady In Waiting JW ShCM CDex Foxbarton Royal Lion JW Sh Ch Whenway Royal Highlander In Sup Ch Spot ('91 & '94) 161819
Ma Biche Of Whenway
Mossyfern Busy Bee At Foxbarton Tonkory Morgan JW
Mossyfern Run Softly
Mossyfern Easy Breeze From Foxbarton Sh Ch Sheltysham Swagman Sh Ch Viber Travelling Matt From Corinlea JW
Detania Dollybird At Sheltysham
Hawkesmere Echo Monkfield Manne
Sheerjoy Secret Date At Hawkesmere
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